Mike “Hulkywood” Jimenez Walkout – Hitz Boxing

Mike “Hollywood” Jimenez moments before his 8 round Unanimous Decision victory over Rollin Williams

Amateur history
Jimenez was at the short end of several close decisions in the Chicago golden gloves championships, therefore deciding to leave the big gloves and head gear in the dust to pursue the professional ranks and a scoring system that suits his power punching style.

Trainers – Pete George, Donovan George
Jimenez is trained and managed by current middleweight Donovan George and his father Pete George. Pete is one of Chicago’s top boxing trainers and is a retired police officer, his son Donovan lived his life on the different side of the law as a youth. Since then Donovan has lived by the law and continues to give back to the boxing youth and community.

Dennis R. Verges, the self-styled #BowtieBoss, has been competing, coaching, mentoring, and covering fight sports since childhood. Having been the boxing coach for Chicago

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