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Ed “Bad Boy” Brown – Summer of Knockouts

Dennis "Bowtie Boss" Verges interviews Ed Brown at a HITZ Boxing event at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, IN.

Ed “Bad Boy” Brown – Summer of Knockouts was completed on August 22nd with a 48-second destruction over Brian Abraham at Hitz Boxing’s Mega Show at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana.

The #BowtieBoss @DRVerges catches up with Ed Bad Boy Brown fresh after the fight while getting his gloves removed. Brown is firmly convinced that he will be fighting for a World title within the next twelve months. At 10-0 (9 KO’s), Ed Brown is certainly setting the pace to achieve this goal as he’s rattled off seven wins from May through August. Brown is managed by high powered Cameron Dunkin Management and finding himself on quite a few Top Rank boxing events across the US.

Ed “Bad Boy” Brown is rising at a very good time in Chicago Boxing, and somewhat of a small Renaissance, with guys like Andrzej Fonfara and Don “Da Bomb” George positioning themselves for World Title contention. Brown may be the most talented of the bunch and discussed his return to boxing with Royal Divide in May in Ed Brown: Giving Up Is Not An Option.

At the end of the interview, check out the full fight, which is actually 1o seconds shorter than the interview! A concussive right hand explodes off of the face of Abraham, thrusting Ed “Bad Boy” Brown into the winner’s circle after a mere 48 seconds into the first round.

Battle of the Bad Boys?
Ed ‘Bad Boy’ Brown calls out Nick “Bad Boy” Ramirez out of Team Curran, with the loser giving up the rights to the name “Bad Boy”. Brown even went as far as to request that he be announced as “The Real Bad Boy” during the August 22nd show.

Be on the lookout for this kid who has the tools and the team to make some major moves in Boxing, in the deepest divisions out there, in the 140 – 147-pound range.

So, get yourself over to and click “Watch” to stay up to date on this buzzsaw moving through these early stages of his career.

Dennis R. Verges, the self-styled #BowtieBoss, has been competing, coaching, mentoring, and covering fight sports since childhood. Having been the boxing coach for Chicago

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