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Antonio Canas Aztec God of War on Boxing and MMA

Antonio Canas | Photo by
Antonio Canas | Photo by

Antonio Canas, the Aztec God of War, takes a break from training for his August 22nd bout to chat with the #BowtieBoss.

Antonio Canas got his start in wrestling, then moving into MMA, and followed that up with a successful run in the boxing ring. With a record of 10-1-1 (4), Antonio Canas has been a mainstay in Chicago boxing ever since linking up with ‘Fearless’ Fernando Hernandez, Sam Colonna, and Rita Figueroa. Known as much for his flashy ring attire as he is for his relentless, fist-first style, Canas is a crowd favorite every time he steps into the ring.

Antonio Canas got his start in Mixed Martial Arts running up a record of 3-4 with only one of those fights going the distance. MMA however, especially at the time, was nowhere near as lucrative as boxing for fighters not coming from a major camp or with ridiculous Wrestling or Jiu-Jitsu credentials.

In the boxing ring, Antonio Canas has shared those four corners with the likes of several well-known Chicago fighters such as Adrian Granados and Genaro Mendez, both of whom are fighting on the same August 22nd card.

Having matured as a fighter, and man, since his move to boxing, Antonio Canas gives thanks to his family, fans, and fight sports in general for providing a positive artistic outlet and career.

Bigger fights also loom on the horizon for Canas, such as a possible return to Big Knockout Boxing (BKB) and perhaps a big name amateur standout and prospect.

One thing is always assured in an Antonio Canas bout and that is action. The kid has zero ability to be in a boring fight and always comes to put on a show for the fans.

Dennis R. Verges, the self-styled #BowtieBoss, has been competing, coaching, mentoring, and covering fight sports since childhood. Having been the boxing coach for Chicago

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