Mike Finch is a Mixed Martial Arts journalist, commentator, interviewer, and fighter from Illinois. He is the 5-0 HTMMA welterweight champion, and an 11-time Jiu Jitsu medalist. Finch began following the sport of MMA when he was 10 years old, since accumulating 5 years of experience as an MMA journalist. He is the current XFO professional commentator and has worked with Chicago's MMA, MMA Recap, MMA Free Agent, the United Combat League, Hidden Talent MMA, Inside the Cage Radio, and now writes exclusively for Royal Divide.

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One response to “The Love of the Art: Limitless BJJ Vacation”

  1. Pamela Hill says:

    Hey Mike! Great article! Robby did a great job putting this trip together! You also did a great job interviewing the guests! Best, Pamela (Malof) Hill 🙂

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