Ed Brown: Giving Up Is Not An Option

Ed Brown training at the Garfield Park Boxing Gym in Chicago.

At what point should we give up? Is it when we lose a parent to a horrific and preventable nightclub incident? Is it when friends and classmates disappear to gang violence and incarceration that has plagued many a Chicago street and decimated our youth? How about when the dream you have fought towards, tooth and nail, since you were six years old is ripped from your hands due to the political machinations of a few key people and their plans? Perhaps we give up when we feel the fiery sensation of two bullets piercing our flesh in an attempt to ensure the history books never tell of our talents. Or even still, we may give up when we find ourselves staring out of a two foot by one-foot window, where the only streets you can see are 26th and California. What if, and bear with me here, what if we don

Dennis R. Verges, the self-styled #BowtieBoss, has been competing, coaching, mentoring, and covering fight sports since childhood. Having been the boxing coach for Chicago

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  1. Craig Michael Wick says:

    Thanks for sharing Bowtie Boss, your uncanny insight is always well-received on my end.

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