Thomas F. Anderson

Thomas is a Chicago-based MMA and Boxing journalist, but above and beyond all, he is a die-hard fight fan! He started out his writing career a few years back with local MMA site's covering both regional and national MMA news. A lot of his friends and family ask him what it is like being a journalist. Although it can be a challenging task at times, he always smiles and tells them that, "Hey, I'm living my dream!" Although he doesn't necessarily have the physical attributes and gifts to step into the arena of combat himself, he is truly honored to be able to work in the sports that he loves as a member of the media. Outside of covering fights, Thomas is a music enthusiast. He loves blues, jazz, classic rock and jam bands. Thomas also plays a little bit of guitar. He is also a huge movie buff, and some of his favorite films include Rocky, The Godfather, Goodfellas, Casino and Saving Private Ryan to name a few. At the end of the day, Thomas thinks of himself as an Average Joe, who loves Combat-Sports and has a knack for writing.