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We collect personal information about users over time and across different websites when you use this website or service. We or vendors we have hired use several common tracking technologies. These may include browser and flash cookies, web beacons and similar technologies. These may also include device IDs. These technologies are used to track our consumers and website visitors, including for the following reasons:

  • To track new visitors to our websites.
  • To recognize past customers.
  • To store your password if you are registered on our website.
  • To serve you with advertising content in which we think you will be interested. As part of this customization, we may observe your behaviors on this website or other websites. We may also get information about your browsing history from our trusted business partners.
  • So we can better understand our audience, our customers, our website visitors, and their respective interests.
  • Controlling Our Use of Tracking Technologies
  • You may control our use of cookies. How you do so depends on the type of cookie. You can configure your browser to reject browser cookies. To control flash cookies, CLICK HERE. Why? Because flash cookies do not reside in your browser, and thus your browser settings will not affect them. If you configure your computer to block cookies, you may not be able to access certain functionality on our sites.

Our Do Not Track Policy
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